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Walk in the Clouds Jewelry Set

Here's your pastel dream come.

A play on texture and colors on these clouds and rainbow shaped accessories will send good vibes to the recipient. Perfect gift for your sister or BFF that you're missing. It comes with earrings, necklace, scrunchie, and a tray to have them on display.

Location covered: Nationwide

Lead time: 3 Days


What's in the Box?

Mystic Clouds Earrings

A crowd favorite, this pair is highlighted with angelite stones associated with peace and calm. Earring backing in stainless steel and attached with cured resin.

Rainbow Dreams Necklace

Rainbow pendant with glass beads. Necklace chain in stainless steel, length is 9 inches and extendable up to 12 inches.


Terrazzo Jesmonite Jewelry Tray

Jesmonite is a non-toxic composite material water based acrylic resin. Thoughtfully handcrafted, it’s both functional and decorative as a jewelry trinket or a desk accent.


Satin Scrunchie

Light pink scrunchie is an added treat for everyday wear.

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