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Nothing Less For My Best Friend

Scent can bring people together or drive them apart.

This gift set definitely brings you closer to that special person in your life. Whether it's that sister you miss hanging out with or your bestie from school who makes you laugh like crazy everytime you see each other, this gift-of-scent bundle will make that person feel like you always have them in your mind everytime they smell one of the items in it. It has a box of curated, fun wax melts complete with a ceramic burner and tealights. Two soy candles with universal favorite lavender and cheery springtime scents. An essential oil-powered linen & room spray that makes their room smell like a spa and lastly, a luxurious, shimmery shower cleansing cream that cleans their body gently, and also smells like soft, powdery Japanese honeysuckle. Give your bestie this gift box and she (or he) will adore you for life.

Shipping: Nationwide

Lead Time: 3-7 days 

Calyx Wax Melts - Full Course Set

Wax melts as candle sets--wax melts are great alternative to candles because they are safer (they don’t require an open flame) and are less expensive because they last up to five times longer than a candle. Mix two or more melt scents together in your burner and you can even come up with your own custom scent at home! Experiment! This set contains "full bodied" scents that range from marine, floral, spicy to aromatic. It's a full course meal of scents that gives you a taste of each scent category available in our candle line: (1) Orchid & Sea Salt (2) Exotic Lavender (3) Old World (4) Baja Desert. Each scent will come in a sachet. Each Wax Melt Set comes in a recyclable mailer box with biodegradable fillers and a scent menu (to help you remember what you bought.) Set will contain a minimum total of 100 grams.

Oil/Wax Melt Ceramic Burner

A starter wax melt burner for people who are new to wax melting. Use this with tealights.


Light this with a matchstick and place inside your starter burner.

Lavender Soy Candle

Never has any color evoked such a refined femininity and elegance as lavender. Never has a bloom been as universally loved for its enchanting aroma as the lavender flower.

As breathtakingly lovely as the famous lavender fields in Aix-en-Provence, France are, and as feminine as a sweet bouquet of fragrant lavender flowers smells like, this classic Lavender Candle ushers in the essence of that flower's refined grace into your living space.

Whatever or wherever it may be. Comes with a logo cork lid that protects your surface from heat.


Springtime Soy Candle

The Springtime Soy Candle is sweet innocent charm. Think of airy sundresses and strappy sandals, long drives to the mountains with your very special someone, stopping by a grassy cliff just to sit on the grass and seeing the sun set as the day comes to a gentle end.
Notes: sweet apple, pomelo, apricot, lavender, magnolia, dahlia, bamboo, sandalwood, cedarwood, and cashmere. What a harvest of romantic memories in springtime. Comes with a logo cork lid that protects your surface from heat.


Shimmer Clean Shower Cleansing Cream (Tranquility - Honeysuckle)

A luxurious, shimmery cleansing cream that cleans your body without stripping the healthy oils from it.
Made using Lamesoft 65 (an ingredient found in many baby-care products like baby shampoo, baby wash), this cleansing cream leaves a protective layer on your skin that helps keep it from drying out after bathing. The ingredients in this product are (1) naturally-derived from coconuts (2) biodegradable (3) free from sulfates (4) free from toxic phthalates and, (5) scented using natural essential oils. The Tranquility variant has the powdery-fresh smell of Japanese honeysuckle essential oil (reminds you of how a cuddly infant's head smells like after his bath.) It is available in a recyclable/reusable glass bottle with a metal dispenser (200ml.). One bottle can give up to 77 baths. The refill (305ml.) can give up to 117 baths.


Natural Healing Collection Inhale Room Spray

What makes the Room and Linen Sprays different is that they are made with essential oils (not synthetic fragrance oils) that actually help soothe and heal our bodies. That’s why they are called Natural Healing Room & Linen Sprays. Unlike room sprays made using fragrance oils, our sprays do not irritate your nose even after repeated sprayings when the scent wears off. The Inhale Room Spray variant contains a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus and wintergreen essential oils that helps you (1) relieve your sinuses (2) breathe more easily (3) sleep better. [Peppermint essential oil - helps refresh your breathing. Eucalyptus essential oil - invigorates & refreshes. Wintergreen essential oil - helps ease lung congestion] Comes in a recyclable/reusable trigger spray bottle with easy-peel labels. Spray on your pillows, sheets, blankets and in the air for maximum comfort.

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