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Delilah Lifestyle creates sustainable accessories using locally sourced materials from Davao. Their handmade collections are made from wood, shells, pearls, crystals and glass beads. The Mask-Be-Neutral bundle consists of neutral colored mask holders and chokers that are carefully handmade using natural materials. Each piece will match any outfit whether for work or for play.

Location covered: Nationwide

Lead time: 3-5 working days. 

What's in the Box?

Puzzle mask chain

This unique mask holder is made of triangle shaped coconut wood and peach colored oval shaped shell. It comes with a nude cloth mask.

Mime mask chain

Made of alternating black and white wooden beads, this mask holder will accentuate your look. This piece comes with a black cloth mask.

Tree mask chain

Tindalo is one of the Philippines' hardwood trees. This sleek mask chain matches any outfit. It comes with a navy cloth mask.

Panna Cotta shell choker

Whether it's the beach or the city, this hexagon shaped shell choker is a classy accessory choice.


Beach shell choker

Bringing back the 90's with this puka shell choker, perfect for that vacation vibe!

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