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Let's Get Crunchy

Ideal for that special someone who still wants to enjoy their snacks while embracing healthier eating. Talk about a boost of heart health and immune system - this gift set is packed with heart-healthy nuts, seeds and dried fruits, including almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, golden raisins, dried cranberries and dried goji berries. All About Cashew's delicious variety of crunch cashew butter - Almond and Brazil Nut Crunch Cashew Butter, Walnut Crunch Cashew Butter and Pistachio Crunch Cashew Butter - give the crunch you crave because it is not too thin and not too chunky!

Location covered: Nationwide

Delivery time: 4 to 7 days

What's in the Box?

Almond and Brazil Nut Crunch Cashew Butter

Almond and Brazil Nut Crunch Cashew Butter offers a creamy cashew butter blended with diced roasted almonds and brazil nuts. No added sugar, no added salt and no added oil. Eat it with with a spoon or drizzle it over your avocado smoothie or a square of dark chocolate for a delicious keto friendly dessert.

Walnut Crunch Cashew Butter

Blended with diced roasted walnuts, Walnut Crunch Cashew Butter is a perfect snack for anyone following a vegan, low carb or ketogenic diet. No added sugar, no added salt and no added oil.

Pistachio Crunch Cashew Butter

Who says cashews and pistachios don't go perfect together? Rich, creamy and totally delicious cashew butter blended with diced roasted pistachios, Pistachio Crunch Cashew Butter is the real deal! Eat it straight out of the jar, add it to oatmeal porridge or with full fat yogurt. No added sugar, no added salt and no added oil. 

Trail Mix Snack Pack

This Trail Mix Snack Pack is a delicious blend of nuts, fruits and seeds. The resealable pack makes it suitable for healthy snackers on the move. Whether you’re traveling or at the office, or filling your oatmeal jar, these snacks are as enjoyable as they are yummy.


Wooden Bowl

Each of these square wooden bowls are hand-carved with love and care by the locals of Benguet, Northern Luzon. This premium hand-carved bowls can be used to serve cashew butter, vegan cheese dip, nuts or desserts.


Wooden Spoons

These high-grade wooden tasting spoons are smooth and splinter-free, non-toxic, non-stick, eco-friendly, and odorless. It is included for you to use for your cashew butter, and not to mess up your kitchen.

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