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Kiddie Band

Filipinos are known for their love for music. Here's the perfect gift bundle to start them young. This gift bundle includes different percussion instruments like tambourine, castanet, handbell, and more!

Location covered: Nationwide

Lead time: 1 to 10 business days

What's in the Box?

Sustainable Wooden Percussion Instrument 7-in-1 Set

Promoting diversity and connection, Mama and Mini is a local Filipino brand that offers a wide range of thoughtfully curated toys and learning materials that cater to the unique interests and needs of each child.

This set of 7 different percussion instruments is a great starter kit to make a variety of rhythmic sounds that cultivate music sense while refining the sense of hearing.

1 Piece Hand Tambourine
1 Pair Finger Castanet
1 Piece Hand Stick Rattle
1 Piece Handbell
1 Piece Rhythm Triangle
1 Pair Wooden Rhythm Sticks

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