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Wildlife Pocket Squares/Scarves

A gift bundle that includes three pocket squares/scarves featuring vulnerable and endangered wildlife features the flagship product of JIM Weaver Designs.

These premium quality scarves made of 100% natural silk are lovingly designed in house. This collection is the perfect gift for your unique and fashionable friend who wants to add flair to their everyday OOTD.


What's in the Box?

Tarsier No Evil Silk Pocket Square/Scarf

Design inspired by the tarsier, a small leaping primate that can only be found in the islands of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. Small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, tarsiers tend to be shy and nervous around human activity. Loud noises or physical contact can stress out a tarsier and lead to their deaths. A sanctuary and research center in Bohol is dedicated to conserving the lifespan of tarsiers, which are now considered critically endangered.


Lion's Roar Pocket Square

A symbol of courage and strength, a lion’s roar reminds us to find joy by accepting everything that life has to offer in confidence. Along with the lion’s powerful bright yellow mane is a visualization of its calm energy as it hunts through the night.

Whale of a Time Pocket Square

Inspired by the ‘butanding’ or whale shark – one of the largest species known to inhabit the deep Philippine seas.


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