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Cute Animal Mugs and Coaster Bundle

Add a festive feel to your drink with the Cute Animal Mugs and Coaster Bundle. Designed with a holiday theme and 3D print, these mugs make a great gift for friends and family. The design can be used as home decor and will make any drink look more festive while still maintaining the elegant taste of your drink.

Location covered: Nationwide

Lead time: 1 to 9 working days. 

What's in the Box?

3D Animal Glass - 4pcs

Handcrafted in 3D borosilicate colored glass, these functional and stylish double-walled mugs are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Silicone Coaster- 4 pcs

Use your silicone coaster to store your drinks, or use it as the perfect way to protect that new glass or tumbler.

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