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Promoting Local Businesses

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Through the company’s gifting concept, kabayans overseas now have the option to send their loved ones in the Philippines premium local products, veering away from the usual imported products that traditional balikbayan boxes contain. Mithi & Co.’s New Balikbayan Box also shifts the spotlight to local SMEs, whose products are not usually included in gift lists.

There’s also a word play. As the box contains local, artisanal and conscious Filipino products, it will also pay homage to ‘balik bakyan’ or ‘return to country,’ which can mean giving the power, revenues and attention back to the Philippines.

If gift recipients are receiving gifts from their loved ones abroad, they are most likely expecting something imported. But why send a mass-produced chocolate bar from Costco in the US when some of the best chocolates in the world are made in the Philippines?... This is how we came up with The New Balikbayan Box. We’ve selected products that not only show how you care but also support Filipino artisans and entrepreneurs.

Their New Balikbayan Box [pays] an ode to the balikbayan boxes many Filipinos have come to anticipate growing up. Of course, Instagrammable unboxing experience aside, it’s what’s inside that counts.

What we love the most about them is that their boxes consist of local, artisanal, and conscious Filipino products – the ultimate Filipino care package.
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