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⚪ We believe that behind every great gift is a unique and exceptional story.

⚪ We believe that who makes the things you buy and where they come from matter--a lot.

⚪ We believe that gifting has the power to connect and delight when given with meaning and intention.

During this uncertain time wherein a lot of Filipinos abroad are unable to come home to their loved ones in the Philippines, three Filipinos from different parts of the globe came together, united by their mutual belief in genuine connection, thoughtful giving, and Filipino creativity, to form Mithi & Co.

Mithi means “earnest wish” in Filipino. By collaborating with local, artisanal, and conscious micro and small Filipino brands, Mithi & Co. aims to connect Filipinos all over the world through the delight of gifting, granting their earnest wish with thoughtful and curated gift boxes. By celebrating Filipino culture, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurship, we aim to inspire communities and deepen relationships.

It’s about you and me. It’s about us.

Our founders hail from diverse yet similar backgrounds, a common scenario of Filipinos all over the world--an immigrant in Europe raising biracial kids, a daughter of an OFW who spent her childhood in the Middle East, and a second generation Filipino-American born and raised in California.

Meet the Founders

Ieth Inolino-Idzerda


Born in Dumaguete City and raised in Manila, Ieth moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2016. Living abroad means she’s constantly craving the comfort and familiarity of the Philippines from the tropical weather and authentic taste (and ingredients!) of Filipino food to festive Christmas celebrations that begin in September. She finds it fascinating how Filipinos seem to be connected by an invisible thread anywhere in the world. Whether walking on the street, inside the tram, or passing each other on the bike lane, Filipinos recognize fellow Filipinos and acknowledge each other’s presence by nodding, smiling, or even coyly asking, “kabayan?” (Filipino term for fellow countryman).

Ieth spent a chunk of her career in Manila as a fashion stylist and lifestyle journalist with her works being published in various magazines and newspapers. She also worked in marketing and PR for local and international brands. In Amsterdam, she continued working as a stylist for an e-commerce studio. After which, she worked as marketing communications and business development manager for an award-winning Dutch social enterprise. Now as the CEO of Mithi & Co., she aims to widen the invisible thread that connects Filipinos by reaching more kababayans around the globe and inspiring them to gift local.
A believer of celebrating by eating together, she recommends Luid Lokal’s Home Cooked dinner set -- perfect gift for the whole family to enjoy.

Niccolo Tuason


Born and raised in California, it was easy for Niccolo to appreciate Filipino culture outside of the Philippines. The Golden State has many Filipino supermarkets, Filipino restaurants, Philippine cultural centers, and even dedicated Tagalog language cable channels. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino, the Philippines isn’t ever but a drive away. The only thing you'll miss joining you at the table of your favorite restaurant are all your loved ones living across the ocean.

Niccolo has worked in client facing roles at publicly traded multinationals as well as startups large and small in Silicon Valley and Manila. Today he calls the Bay Area his home and you can find him eating his way across the West Coast of the United States when he’s not working as Chief Commerce Officer for Mithi & Co. A food enthusiast known for having a formidable sweet tooth, Niccolo recommends Theo & Philo's Artisanal Chocolatier Gift Box - you couldn’t finish it by yourself if you tried, so share with your friends.

Sarah Fernandez


Growing up in Saudi Arabia and studying in a Philippine Embassy school, meant that Sarah maintained a strong connection to her Filipino roots. Whether abroad, or in the Philippines, she realized that Filipinos take celebrations seriously. That no matter where you are in the world, there’s a Filipino community ready to invite you for a potluck dinner. And in those moments of celebration, they momentarily feel less lonely about not being with their own family back home.

Since moving back to Manila, Sarah has worked with local companies such as SM Retail Inc., Suyen Corporation, and Beaumont Inc.; managing their international brand portfolio in the Philippines. Now as COO for Mithi & Co., she’s putting the spotlight on the coolest local brands and championing Filipino artisans and micro-entrepreneurs.

As a lover of modern symbolic art and imaginative handcrafted jewelry, she recommends J Makitalo’s “Eye for Details” jewelry set - perfect for dressing up or down - with or without your significant other.

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