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J Makitalo creates jewelry that is a true form of expression, pieces that hold questions and tell stories, pieces that inspire, uplift, and empower the wearer while proudly showing the workmanship of the very skilled hand of the Filipino artisan. It aims to contribute in sustaining the local jewelry making and sculpting craft, while showing the world that Filipino design is not only traditional--it is also modern, imaginative, and fun.

The brand was created by award winning jewelry designer Joyce Makitalo who works with third generation jewelry artisans, local tribes, and other Filipino communities such as the goldsmiths of Bulacan and the sculptors of Paete, Laguna. The artisanal creative expression is what sets the brand apart, driving them to their fullest potential with their own craft to bring about artful and finely crafted jewelry and sculptural objects. The brand’s pieces have been described as talismanic and ancient-modern. Creative inspiration often comes from cultural symbols, sacred geometry and zoomorphic elements in the natural world, playfully translated into jewelry patterns. The heart of each J makitalo piece is its meticulous stone combinations which are often a mix of raw, hand-cut, and polished.

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